Compounding Pharmacy in Ottawa Near You

Quality Assurance of our Compounding Pharmacy

Whole Health Compounding Pharmacy Glebe is accredited by The Ontario College of Pharmacists (OCP) as a compounding pharmacy. We follow NAPRA guidelines in our compounding processes, using only pharmaceutical grade ingredients from licensed pharmaceutical suppliers. We are ensured that their ingredients undergo rigorous testing: each ingredient has a Certificate of Analysis demonstrating purity and quality.  

Whole Health Compounding Pharmacy Glebe has a quality assurance process to ensure consistency and reproducibility of the products. Moreover, we maintain Standard Operating Procedures, using logs to record our daily compounding activities. 

In addition, we operate as a regular compounding pharmacy in Ottawa. Thus, we follow and are bound by all the rules and regulations set in place by the Ontario College of Pharmacists. Furthermore, we keep in stock a large selection of active ingredients, excipients, and bases required to compound your preparation.

Our compounding pharmacist is trained to select the best combination for your needs, so that you get a quality finished product that has the best efficacy, while minimizing potential side-effects. Furthermore, Our compounding staff are also all trained and certified in the techniques necessary in order to produce high quality compounds.  

We trust that the quality of our products and services meets the high standards, that we aspire to and look forward to consistently serving you with the highest level of pharmaceutical and compounding care.